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QProgressBar + std::thread

  • I have heavy task. I created QProgressBar for displaying that programm still work and runned heavy task in another thread using c++ std::thread class. But QProgressBar don't work, only window with QProgressBar starts, but QProgressBar don't appear in this window. Here is the code:

    QProgressBar progress;
    progress.setRange(0, 0);;
    if (keyLength == 1024)
        std::thread(&RSA::generateKeys, &rsa, RSA::RSA_1024).join();
    else if (keyLength == 2048)
        std::thread(&RSA::generateKeys, &rsa, RSA::RSA_2048).join();

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    From the looks of your progress bar is a local variable from your function so it will be destroyed at the end of the function hence no visibility.

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