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Windows 10: MDI application on several screens

  • I have rather standard situation but can not find any suitable example with source code.
    My goal is an application with main menu. The items "Open document" should be there and items like "Select all (Ctrl + A)".
    I want to open my document in separate window but I want shortcut "Ctrl+A" or click to main menu's "Select All" to work in this window.
    MDI concept is OK for my task completely (and it works properly) except the required need to move documents windows to the second screen if present.
    My ideal is Photoshop CS5 for example. It looks like MDI, but documents can be moved to the second screen separately from main application window but users can use shortcuts and menu of this main window.
    Could you please point me to any suggestion of this kind?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You'd likely have to re-implement the mouse handling for QMDIArea and add/remove the widget from the QMdiSubWindow.

    Hope it helps

  • It seems I've found the "ideal" open source application with such a behaviour: Qt-Designer.

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