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No .pro

  • Its been a while to Qt: In trying to compile a simple c++ app I can only do so with a "desktop solution" offered by the IDE because "no valid kits were found". CMake isn't an option. My understanding is that to have a .pro file for your project you have to compile with cmake. I looked at the build and run options by following the links provided. I've got a working mingw32 toolchain. I've got 2 versions of eclipse working well. If somebody please help, I would appreciate it.

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    Might be a silly question but do you have any version of Qt installed on your machine ?

    The "no valid kits found" lets suppose that you only have Qt Creator installed.

  • I installed the Qt creator first, then an actual Qt bundle after that, about 2gigs a couple of hour later.

  • To be more specific I installed Qt Creator 4.2.1 first - then qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw530-5.8.0

  • Ok, I had to manually set the kit options in order for the cmake to take and the .pro to go. Awesome!

    Plz I would like some info - compiler c++ minGw is set to 32 bits with the option of 64. Where do I leave it?
    C says "no compiler". Another option is the "mingw 32 bit" drop down. Do I leave this?

    Finally, somewhat unrelated, in another IDE I use my MingW was 64 bit for C++ and 32 bit for 32bit. Will this cause bitnedness issues?

    Thx in advance.

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    There would have been no need to install Qt Creator package first. The Qt SDK installers provide Qt Creator. You should use that one which should have all the configuration correctly done.

    Qt for MinGW currently comes only pre-built for 32bit.

  • @SGaist Hi, the SDK I installed after the Qt Creator has everything I need Qt Creator included. Am I "good to go" at this point or do I need to make any changes or reinstall anything? I wasn't aware Qt Creator was in both.

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    @Technologist If your kit is now fine (no errors/warnings), then it should work. Just try.

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