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Qt Creator running two executables at once

  • Hi,
    In Microsoft Visual C++ in properties for solution I can set "Multiple startup projects" and select two projects (generating executable). One is server, second is client. MSVC also automatically start debuging those projects.

    In Qt Creator the closest I get to this is to use windows bat files to start both executables. And then manually use "Attach to Unstarted Application" to start debuging.

    How else can I achieve this?

  • Hi, start Qt Creator 2 times (2 instances), one for server and one for client.

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    If both executables are in independent projects, you can open both and start each application by selecting the run target.

  • Thank you both for your proposals.
    I don't need to work or debug first (server binary) application. It only needs to be started with second application on which I work.
    And when I close or finish current run i would like both application to be closed.

    Right now I launch server application by hand from file explorer and then start main (client) application from inside QtCreator.

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