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TableView sort indicator not show

  • Hello All,

    I have created one TableView in the qml with the following code:

    TableView {
                    id: propertiesTable
                    anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
                    model: XConfigObj.propertiesModel
                    sortIndicatorVisible: true
                    TableViewColumn {
                        id: propertiesColumnName
                        role: "name"
                        title: "Name"
                        elideMode: Text.ElideRight
                        width: 200
                    TableViewColumn {
                        id: propertiesColumnValue
                        role: "value"
                        title: "Value"
                        width: 200

    I have set the visibility of the indicator to true but I it is not displayed on my table:

    alt text

    Is there anything else that I should set?

    Best Regards

  • I am experiencing the same problem. Is there a resolution?

  • Moderators

    Seems to be a known problem still using QApplication instead of QGuiApplication works. And this may be better in the TableView for Qt Quick Controls 2 coming in 5.12.

  • Thank you. That was the solution. When creating a default CMake project in Qt Creator it creates main using QGuiApplication instead of QApplication. Seems like the incorrect default if some of the Quick Controls 1 GUI elements, like TableView, rely on QWidgets.

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