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Lost in installing Qt offline

  • hello evrey one hope you r all doing well ^^
    well am a student and got really intrested in Qt since i work a lot with C/C++ in linux i don't have problemes but in windows the online installer alwayse stucks at downloading the meta infos so went for installing using the offline downloaded all of them but didn't know which one to use or i have to isntall one or all of them and if all of them how do i combine them i tried 2 installers each one had his own Qt creator and such and than you .

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You might be hitting a faulty mirror. In any case, since you're on Windows you first have to decide what compiler you want to use. Then install it and download the Qt version matching the compiler you choose.

    Not that use the MinGW version of Qt does also provide you with the compiler and debugger. If you choose Visual Studio, you'll have to first install it from Microsoft's website without forgetting to select the C++ components.

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  • @SGaist
    thank you for the answer !
    i have aquestions ^^
    what's the diffrence between the mingw and the VS version
    and i was wonderinf the online installer gets u all the componants VS android ming .... ect so how do i install the componants using the offline installers without duplicating like say the Qt creator and ty

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    The difference is the compiler used to build Qt. You can't mix and match C++ libraries built with different compilers on Windows. The only exception is VS2017 that is compatible with VS2015.

    The onine installer allows to install several versions of Qt be it for Windows or Android.

    You can't avoid the duplication with the offline installer since its goal is to provide a full featured Qt setup.

    Notice that if you use a VS version of Qt then you have to also install the matchin version of Visual Studio with the C++ components selected.

  • @SGaist
    thank you a lot that helped a lot ^^ i'll come ask u if am in a pinch and sorry for the trouble ^^

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