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Native TextEdit Context Menu on OS X

  • Hi,

    Qt Quick Controls 1(Qt 5.8) uses wrong context menu with textedit on OS X(OS X Sierra). Is there a way to trigger OS X native context menu? Is this issue affect App Store approval process?

    Correct Menu
    Wrong Menu

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @bmeric Why do you think it is wrong?
    What a context menu contains depends on the application.

  • Hi @jsulm,
    1- Spelling corrections, Speech, etc default with every native textedit context menu in OS X, users expect that. So, from UX point of view, it's wrong.
    2- Shortcuts shouldn't be visible in a context menu in OS X("Don’t display keyboard shortcuts in a contextual menu. A contextual menu is a shortcut to a set of task-specific commands, so it's redundant to display the keyboard shortcuts for those commands. " - Apple's Human Interface Guidelines docs.)

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