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How to make Autobahn-JS work in QML ?

  • Hello All,

    we want to use WAMP protocol to my server client applications. I have found Autobahn-js which implements The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) .
    we would like to use QML for designing the frontend (thin client) and target Android, IOS, Windows Mobile and desktop platforms. Since Autobahn-js written in Javascript, I thought it would work. but unfortunately it didn't.

    Here is the following I did :

    1. I have downloaded the Autobahn Js library from Github.

    2. I have included all the files in my QML project.

    3. import "lib/autobahn.js" as AutoBhan

    4. Then comes the error qrc:/lib/autobahn.js:15: ReferenceError: require is not defined

    upon googling i came to know that "The require() function is a core function of node.js which is part of the engine. It's not something language-specific just like the window object in browser-based Javascript is not something in the Javascript language. node.js actually is: a server-side JavaScript engine, which executes JavaScript files**. It is not a framework which you could load into another engine like QT**". source.

    Here is my question:

    1. How can I make Autobahn Js library avaiable in qml ? which is actually making node.js functions running in qml.

    2. Tough there is C++ implementation, I am not convinced in using the C++ wrapper in qml because it depends on third parties like Boost.

    3. Is is possible to make JS library which depends on node.js functions in QML ? Please let me know. Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Are you looking for something like Quickly ?

  • @SGaist Actually No. I don't want to involve in Node.js, if it depends on so many third parties. So I thought of working with browser version .Want i did is,

    • I have downloaded the Authobahn.js file.

    • Included the Authobahn.js file in my QML project.

    • import "browserversion/autobahn.js" as AutoBhan

    • When i build it, then comes the error Unimplemented code.
      ASSERT: "idom == referenceIdom" in file compiler\qv4ssa.cpp, line 4959

      any clue? where am I getting it wrong? Thanks

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    Sorry, I haven't worked on the internals of V4 so I can't really comment on that error.

    Maybe QTBUG-50387 and related might shed some light.