Extract a QString with a regular expression.

  • Hi all!

    I'm trying to do the followin :
    I have a QString str containing exactly what follows :
    [1] "Johnny Clegg" "B" "C" "D" "E" "F" "G" "H"
    And I want to get a QStringList containing :

    Johnny Clegg

    the split function doesn't match what I need because I want to extract a pattern and not split from a pattern. The problem with splitting is that the first part containing [1] " will be with Johnny Clegg in the first item of the QStringList

    So the question: how to make a QStringList from a pattern extraction in a simple way? maybe as simple as QString::split ?

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    There is no way you can get a comma between the fields?

  • I could search and replace looking for " " but it won't solve this problem of the [1] at the beginning. I't a solution I explored before... no success :/

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    well im not sure how complex the input will be.
    For a fast solution, i would just split at space and check the entries.
    If not ending in ' it was falsely split and should be merged with next.
    if format always is like shown. its very easy to fix up.

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    Do exactly that and from the resulting QStringlist, simply remove the first entry.


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    Do you mean the pattern is one uppercased letter between two single quotes ?

  • @SGaist the pattern can be anything between the double quotes. That's why I replaced the "A" with "Johnny Clegg" ;)
    I could split on the spaces but the issue here is that I would get
    and so on

    instead of the
    Johnny Clegg
    and so on

    that I want.

  • @J.Hilk
    The problem is that I don't always have a [1] at the beginning. Sometimes I have nothing. The cleanest solution in my case is actually extracting instead of splitting...

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    ok, how about this:

    Search the string for [ and ] and remove those and everything in between

    int start = myString.indexOf('[');
    int end = myString.indexOf(']');
    if(start != -1 && end != -1){
    myString.replace(start, end-start, '');

    Now split over ' '.

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    Something like ?

    QRegularExpression rx("\"(\\w*\\s?\\w*)\"");
    QRegularExpressionMatchIterator rxIterator = rx.globalMatch(yourCoolString);
    QStringList words;
    while (rxIterator.hasNext()) {
        QRegularExpressionMatch match = rxIterator.next();
        QString word = match.captured(1);
        words << word;

    [edit: Fixed double quote escaping SGaist]

  • I wrote this function which looks a lot like @SGaist's one and that works:

        /*Create a QStringList from the extraction of a QRegularExpression*/
        static QStringList extractStr(const QString &s, QRegularExpression delim){
            QStringList output;
            QString buff;
            QRegularExpressionMatchIterator i = delim.globalMatch(s);
            while (i.hasNext()) {
                QRegularExpressionMatch match = i.next();
                if (match.hasMatch()) {
                    buff = match.captured(0);
            return output;

    Thanks to all of you for your help :)

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    One small note, you are wasting CPU cycle here. The QRegularExpressionMatchIterator returns only match objects that contains a match thus the if is useless.