Best Way to Read XML Tags w/o Specifying Tag's Name

  • I just started Qt development yesterday. I'm trying to find a way to read an XML file, without specifying the tags' names (we have a variety of tags, and we cannot enumerate them all; some may/may not be children of a specific tag). I looked into qxmlstreamreader, but that still requires you to specify the tags' names.

    How should I proceed? And thanks in advance.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What exactly do you want to do with the content of that file ?

  • Hi,
    Creating a very "abstract" xml parser is not easy and it's quite error-prone. You have to know some (or at least one) parent or common tag names in order to have a starting point for any deeper "abstract" parsing. Basically, you have to move the parser step by step checking everything in the way. For example, you could use a simple function as an entry point for the following function when you meet a specific tag:

    void XmlReader::readFragment()
        Q_ASSERT(m_reader->isStartElement()); //Make sure the xmlreader is at an opening tag
        const QString p = m_reader->qualifiedName().toString(); // From now on, you will work with this opening tag
    	//Do what you want, for example handle attributes and their values
    	for (auto i = 0; i < m_reader->attributes().count(); ++i) {
        m_reader->readNext(); //Move on
    	//Do everything manually like this
    	if (m_reader->isCharacters) {
    	} else if (m_reader->isEndElement()) {
    	//or like this
            //Eventually, you have to check for the closing current tag, exit the function,
            //and return the control to the "entry point" function
    	while (!m_reader->isEndElement() && !m_reader->qualifiedName().toString() == p) { 
    		... //Do your work

    However, with this approach, things can get extremely complicated if there are nested tags, for example:


    Maybe it would be easier to subclass QXmlStreamReader but it would help to provide some sample xml data and more info on what exactly you want to do.

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