QtQuick vs Widget dynamic opengl visualisation

  • I want to visualise dynamic data (lets say 200-000 points/rects per 5-10sec (with dynamic filtering). Point is about 50B in size (so less than 100kB/s, not so much). Is QtQuick suitable for the task or the synchronisation for data in QtQuick thread would be a big bottleneck and widgets should be used instead (QGraphicsScene, QGraphicsView and QOpenGLFunctions)? I like QtQuick and qml, but I do not know if it is worth the effort of syncing.

    App for desktop, modern OpenGL (3.3+) and Qt (5.5+)

  • Any thoughts about experience with integration OpenGL with QtQuick/Widgets are welcome. Maybe I'll have to check it myself how it behaves. I've read some materials about it (mostly from KDAB) but they usually aim simple case where synced data is really small eg. camera info + a few additional bytes of data.

  • hi
    Did you chack?
    what was the reason?
    I'm going to make kind a same program, which one I should choose?

  • Hi,
    sadly, I do not now. It looks like it can be a pain to integrate OpenGL with qtquick2, but it is possible. Widget-base approach is much more straightforward, but you loose "qtquickness" :P

    Sorry for the delay, I had a long brake from work.

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