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[QXlsx] How can I close opened document?

  • I'm using QXlsx library to open and manage a few excel documents. But when I'm going to open the second one, memory usage is duplicating.

    I'm using a pointer because I need to call from different functions. And the excel size is around 100mb. Memory usage with 1 excel document is 600-700mb of ram. If I try to open the second excel, memory crash around 1000mb.

    I try to delete pointer, or call to ~Document() to destroy. But these last command force end my program.

    If I put delete xlsx;, I can't read excel, change sheet or save. But the memory is still the same and I can't open more excel fields.

    I try these metods to pointer:
    QXlsx::Document* xlsx;
    QPointerQXlsx::Document xlsx;

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    This module is not part of Qt. You should try to take contact with the author of it.

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