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How to buil distribution for linux on windows?

  • [Newcomer] I have developed software in qt on windows and i have successfully developed distribution for windows (setup.exe) using inno compiler, but i dont get how to build for linux in windows.

    Thanks in advaance

  • The best way is to distribute the source code in a form of single .tar.gz file. It is the most common way of distributing software on Linux platform. Your application would have to be open source licensed of course. Creating .tar.gz. file is similar to creating a .zip file only you use 'tar' command for it. Search "how to create tarball" or "tar for windows".

    If interested, Linux distributions will pick up your .tar.gz file, create distribution specific packages out of it and include it in their repositories. Linux users then will be able to find it in the corresponding software repository and easily install it how they are used to.

    Alternatively there are also modern ways of distributing packages via Flatpak ( or Snappy ( These are not so common yet but are rising on popularity.

    If you do not want to distribute source code then you may install Linux in a virtual machine and build your distribution there or try search for "cross-compiling on windows for linux".

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    @Sushant21 While it is possible to cross compile on Windows for Linux I would not do that. It is not easy to set-up.
    It is much easier to set-up Linux (for example in a virtual machine as @openhs suggested) and build there.

  • The best way and easier is to compile your program into a virtual machine (