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meta-boot2qt to build iMX6, Qt 5.6.2

  • Hello,

    I am trying to use meta-boot2qt to compile Qt 5.6.2 for the iMX6. Is this possible? Here is a summary of what I have tried and the results.

    General outline

    • git clone git://code.qt.io/yocto/meta-boot2qt sources/meta-boot2qt
    • cd sources/meta-boot2qt
    • git checkout <tag or branch>
    • cd ../..
    • sources/meta-boot2qt/b2qt-init-build-env init --device imx6dlsabresd
    • export MACHINE=imx6dlsabresd
    • source ./setup-environment.sh

    If "git clone v5.6.2"
    The build will fail with checksum errors and/or invalid fetch URL errors

    If "git clone krogoth"
    The build runs but the Qt version is 5.8

    Does anyone know how to build "Boot to Qt for v5.6.2"?