Can we use iOS native style for Qt applications?

  • Hi; We can use Material Design, Universal Design and Default Style for mobile applications. Well, can we use iOS native style for mobile applications? Has Qt got iOS Style? Thanks.

  • Hi @Ibrahim

    You forgot to tell us which version Of qt you have ,

    I think that there is a change between qt4 and qt5 about QStyle , also i think that QMacStyle is available only on qt4

    Could tell us which version of qt you have?

  • @Ibrahim

    If you are in Qt5 you have to use QStyleFactory ,

    Have a look at this link from qt doc:

    Depending or operating system styles are available to find which styles are available you can add this line :

    qDebug() << QStyleFactory::keys();

    For example for my operating system i have these available styles:

    ("Windows", "Motif", "CDE", "Plastique", "GTK+", "Cleanlooks")

    Then to set style for your application you can add this following line:


    for example !
    Hope this can help !

  • This post is deleted!

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    @Ibrahim seems you're using Qt QuickControls2
    Unfortunately there's no iOS Style yet - only Material, Universal, Default
    As I understand it right, at the moment they're working on QQC2 to make controls feature complete. Then - later - there's a chance to get an iOS style too.
    perhaps @jpnurmi can jump in and provide some insights ?

    For my customers I'm using Google Material Style on Android and iOS. I implemented Bottom Navigation Bar where iOS users are looking to navigate through the app.
    Also some fine-tuning like MixedCase Button titles.
    I'm missing to swipe back to previous page

    my customers have no problem with Material style on iOS. but my use-cases are special: I'm developing business apps x-platform where similar navigation, UI/UX makes it easy to support and document apps.

  • Hi all!

    As already mentioned above, Qt does not include an iOS style at the moment. If you are interested in creating apps with a native look and feel for both iOS and Android, have a look at V-Play Engine. The core components like Navigation and NavigationStack or controls like AppButton offer styles for both iOS and Android.


  • @GTDev thanks. I like Qt and V-Play.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    @GTDev Hi Günther, am I right that V-Play examples are Open Source, but SDK, Plugins, ... are not ? (Haven't tried V-Play yet)

  • @ekkescorner @Ibrahim
    Except for V-Play Plugins the SDK is free-to-use if you don't mind a small V-Play splash-screen at app startup.
    All the examples and demos are open-source: You can see the showcase demo app for a quick overview of the V-Play features.

    Showcase Demo


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