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New problems with macdeployqt and codesign with Qt5.6.2

  • I have used macdeployqt with -codesign before with Qt 5.6.x with no problems... but starting yesterday, had a new error appear. Seems to be a problem with the signatures on the Qt frameworks. Xcode has been updated to the latest version which may be the problem. The error message is as follows:

    ERROR: "/Applications/ '/Users/Shared/Qt5.6.2/5.6/clang_64/bin/': The file was not recognized as a valid object file.\nfatal error: /Applications/ internal objdump command failed\n"

    Any ideas what has changed?

  • @gkroeger PS. I reinstalled Qt5.6.2 and that didn't help

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    Which version of xCode did you had before ? What is it now ?

  • My current version of Xcode is 8.2.1 (latest release). I actually don't know which was the last version that worked for me with macdeployqt... sometime around last November. I was able to use "codesign" from the command line and individually sign all of the frameworks and plugins in the bundle so that the app works. Perhaps I should grab the version of macdeployqt that is being distributed with Qt5.8 and see if that makes a difference?

  • I may have an older version of Xcode on one of my machines at the office that I could try out tomorrow.

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    I'd first go with the more recent version of macdeployqt.

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