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Qt Creator 4.2.1 (or 4.x.x) Ctrl + K feature opens files very slowly

    1. Freshly installed the aforementioned version of Qt Creator on Windows - AppData already clear from any files left from previous Qt Creator versions
    2. Hit Ctrl + K to activete the locate functionality
    3. Typed part of a given file's name
    4. Hit enter on the found file's name - there's a delay of 9-10 seconds (counted them) until the given file is opened and until then Qt Creator is blocked and the mouse cursor is showing the waiting indicator

    The same happens when using the function "Follow Symbol Under Cursor". Reproduced the same behavior using previous 4.x.x versions.

    Any ideas for fixing aside from logging it as a bug?

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    In the plugin menu you can try to disable the new code model.

  • Disabling both C++ -> ClangCodeModel and Code Analyzer -> ClangStaticAnalyzer doesn't result in any change.

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    What OS are you on ?

  • Windows 8.1 64-bit. There's an already filed issue by another user.

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    You should add details like the size of the project, its organisation (e.g. subdirs project, all files in one folder etc.) as well as where it is located (local hard drive, remote disk like Dropbox, Google drive) if you have any anti-virus running etc. Anything that might help recreate the same environment.

  • @SGaist As mentioned in the comment of the bug report the problem is reproduced with project of any size. Here is a video of what happens even with the simplest template Qt project. Notice in the provided screen capture that there is the same or probably even greater slowdown when creating a new project and more specifically when specifying its name and directory path. The slowdown when creating a new project is reproduced only once per Qt Creator application session. One should restart Qt Creator to reproduce it again. The slowdown resembles the one experienced when building some kind of cache or locating a directory or file(s) for the project that is about to be created. The Qt Creator stalling observed when going to a class' definition e. g. opening a file using go to definition or through the locate functionality (Ctrl + K) is observed only the first time the file is opened in a single Qt Creator application session.

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    That's the kind of small detail that should be added to the report, even if it seems unimportant. As you know, the devil might be in the details.

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