QSql::Location : enum type redefinition

  • Hi,

    I'im using QT 5.8 msvc2015_64. I'm trying to compile my project that using the QSql module. But i have a enum type redefinition error in the qtsqlGlobal.h (a qt header file).


    #ifndef QTSQLGLOBAL_H
    #define QTSQLGLOBAL_H

    #include <QtCore/qglobal.h>
    #ifndef QT_STATIC
    #  if defined(QT_BUILD_SQL_LIB)
    #    define Q_SQL_EXPORT Q_DECL_EXPORT
    #  else
    #    define Q_SQL_EXPORT Q_DECL_IMPORT
    #  endif
    #  define Q_SQL_EXPORT
    namespace QSql
        enum Location
            BeforeFirstRow = -1,
            AfterLastRow = -2
        enum ParamTypeFlag
            In = 0x00000001,
            Out = 0x00000002,
            InOut = In | Out,
            Binary = 0x00000004
        Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(ParamType, ParamTypeFlag)
        enum TableType
            Tables = 0x01,
            SystemTables = 0x02,
            Views = 0x04,
            AllTables = 0xff
        enum NumericalPrecisionPolicy
            LowPrecisionInt32    = 0x01,
            LowPrecisionInt64    = 0x02,
            LowPrecisionDouble   = 0x04,
            HighPrecision        = 0
    #endif // QSQL_H

    I have compiled successfully my project with Qt msvc2012_64. But when i do it with QT 5.8 msvc2015_64 i had this error.

    Any help please.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you show the exact error you are getting ?

  • Hi, thank you for replying. I have this : QSql::Location : enum type redefinition

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Usually you get a bit more than that on the console, like where the original definition can be found.

  • Hi,

    Well the error is on the qtsqlglobal.h, so it's on the QT headers and not my project headers. Like i say, i dont think that my source code is the problem. I compiled with Qt and visual 2012 before. But when i do it with Qt and visual 2015, i have this problem with the qt headers.

    Thank you.

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    @Assil Without the build log (what @SGaist asked for) it is hard to say what the problem is. So, why not just post the build log?

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