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Qt for developing mobile apps?

  • Hello, I was trying lot of crossplatform frameworks to develop mobile apps, I started with Android Studio (this one is not crossplatform :D ), Xamarin and Phonegap (because I was some time ago web developer), but I found that using Qt I can create crossplatform mobile apps (Android, iOS), so I started looking for some tutorials on youtube, but I didnt find any tutorial for mobile apps, of course I found some videos, but I am looking for "whole lection", for example for desktop apps I found channel VoidRealms with lot of Qt tutorials.

    So my question is Qt for developing mobile apps good? I know that this is not right place to ask, because this is Qt forum, so there can be some sort of "fanboys", but I would like to know advantages / disadvantages of Qt for mobile apps. Please be honest and critical :)

    For example I am confused about designer, if I create Qt widgets app, I see designer of window like for desktop, but how to change designer to something like "mobile development" for example this:

    I know that there is QtQuick / QML, which has own "designer" but I would like to develop in standart Qt (because I dont know QtQuick / QML).

    Thank you :)

  • I answered pretty much the same question a few weeks ago. See

    I also published my app at google play store a few days ago which also went really smoothly. The iOs version will follow in a few days. So all in all I can't complain about Qt. ;)

  • Hi,

    Creating mobile apps and games with Qt is definitely possible! ;-)
    For example, you can have a look at the Qt-based cross platform engine V-Play.

  • @Schluchti I know it's off topic but what was your app? I'd like to see a finished Qt mobile app. I have similar questions about whether or not I should use Qt for mobile.

    I've been doing cross platform (desktop OSes) coding with Qt for about 14 years now so it seems logical to use it for mobile, but I wanted to see how things turn out. :)

    Plus it never hurts to get some free advertising for your new app. ;)

  • @ambershark I just published working iOS and Android versions of my Qt/QML app...

    It utilizes Qt Websockets to connect to my server, to access 'live' weather data from participating organizations. If you check out the Store pages, you can see the screenshots... you need an AccessCode to view it live on your device.



    Anyone interested in seeing it in action, contact me directly for an Access Code.

  • @SamGrant ...and another Android app used for tracking boats during a regatta:

    Utilizes GPS (via native JAVA for Android and Objective-C for iOS) and network connection to upload data files to my server.

  • @ambershark Not sure if I am allowed to post it here? My experience with forums is, that they usually have very strict rules about that.

    Do we have a private messaging system here?

  • Hi @Schluchti ,
    No problem posting a link to your app here. It is Qt related after all.
    Private messages can be found on the top bar, the speech bubble at the right hand side, next to your avatar picture.

    @ambershark the Qt Showroom has a bunch of Qt mobile apps in it too.

  • If you are going for native Look & Feel on iOS and Android, you should most definitely have a look at V-Play.

    For example, check out the awesome App for Qt World Summit:

  • @Schluchti said in Qt for developing mobile apps?:

    @ambershark Not sure if I am allowed to post it here? My experience with forums is, that they usually have very strict rules about that.

    Do we have a private messaging system here?

    Thanks for the info. ;)

    Ok, in that case, you can find the links to the iOs/android app on the webpage:

    You are very welcomed to sign up and post stuff, but please make sure that you post something that's related to the topic ;-)

    As you are probably more interested in the technical details, just a short summary:
    The app is currently based on Qt 5.7.1 and makes use of most of the modules provided by Qt (i.e: qml quick positioning location network quickcontrols2 svg multimedia webview). Apart from the "usual" stuff the app also deals with some more "advanced" stuff.

    • Push Notification handling
    • Map Integration + GPS posititioning
    • playing embedded videos with Qt multimedia
    • playing GIFs
    • using the android/iOs image gallery
    • saving pictures/gifs to phone
    • playing youtube videos (not yet implemented in the uploaded version, but will follow soon)

    Some of the things were really easy to implement (as already perfectly covered by the Qt framework), but some of them were a little bit tricky to implement.

  • @Schluchti Cool! I'm going to check it out.

    Yea I don't think the forums here would have an issue with it as already stated by tekojo.

    I mean if it was just plain advertising maybe, but certainly not in a discussion. :)

    I find forums (on topic of course) are some of the best ways to get the word out about your applications. I write apps for large corporations so I don't need to advertise, but if I did, I would definitely do it via forums a lot.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    @t0msk there's a blog post series by me about Qt for mobile apps.
    I'm using QtQuickControls2 for Android and iOS
    You can take a look at some apps I built. in GooglePlay or Apple Store look for 'ekkescorner' and you'll find per ex. conference apps for QtCon and QtWorldSummit
    Or see here some screenshots Qt World Summit App:
    also src at GitHub:

    last weeks I was 'silent' on my blogs. but only because I'm using QtQuickControls2 in real-life customer projects to see if it all works well.
    will blog about this later and also continue my blog series and sample apps

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