Qt 5.6.2 msvc2013 vs. msvc2015

  • Hello,

    I have a question concerning the runtime dlls of Qt 5.6.2.
    What are the differences between msvc2013 and msvc2015, both for Qt 5.6.2?
    Can I compile a program with msvc2013 and run it on another PC with Qt msvc2015 dlls and vice versa?


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    @stvokr msvc2013 Qt is compiled using msvc2013 C++ compiler, msvc2015 Qt is compiled using msvc2015 C++ compiler.
    You cannot mix libraries/binaries built with different compilers in same program.
    If you compile your program with msvc2013 then it must be used with msvc2013 Qt DLLs.

  • I was afraid of that, just wanted to make sure. Thx.

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