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Deployment missing from menu

  • I am a beginner to Qt. I want to create a basic hello world app on Qt Creator 4.2.0 based on Qt 5.7.1 that I want to deploy on Linux Ubuntu 6.0. But under the Projects pulldown menu, under the "project name", "source" folder and "Resources" folder, there is no "Deployment" folder. Did something go wrong in the installation of QT

  • Hi @fmurphy1

    If the build is successful , a folder is created outside of your project folder (Ex:Test).

    Folder will be named as below:
    This folder consist of executable for the compiled program.

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    @yuvaram The name will be different as he is on Linux not Windows.
    @fmurphy1 It is more like: build-PROJECTNAME-Desktop_Qt_5_7_1_GCC_64bit3-Debug
    Also Ubuntu 6.0 is about 10 years old, are you sure you installed version 6.0?

  • @jsulm i agree with you. I have just provided example.

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