Help about develop & compile Qt source (ROM Backup Splitter)

  • Hi.

    I revise an app made from a russian guy (from 4pda forum) to split the ROM image of Mediatek chinese phones.

    The app is attached here.

    I made already some changes but I try (without positive result) to add some small features

    Add in the main caption text the version of the app (that I can ad in other place as variable)

    Add in main caption text value of system local settings (ex. en_us for American, en_gb for British and so on). It's useful for translator to check exactly the region code suffix to add to language file translation.

    I already made some changes and I tried to compile it using QT SDK 5.8.0 and MS Visual C++ 2014 (32bit).
    I installed SDK for Visual C++ and Visual C+ 2014 32bit Community.
    All it work as debug compilation and run.
    I cannot build the standalone app.
    When i run the exe file built it reported me missing libraries or errors.
    How can detect what are the library to include and how to include them?
    Anyone can help me?

    Thanks. Bye.

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    Hi and welcome

    -I cannot build the standalone app.

    you mean when you double click it ?

    to use the resulting .exe , you need a deployment folder

    If you mean something else , please explain.
    Can be used to check missing DLLS.

  • Thanks for dependency walker. I will try to use it.

    I tried to explain better my problem..

    If inside in QT Creator I made build it works (no errors).
    If inside QT Creator I select "Run", it works and I can test the app.

    If i get the exe file created by Creator -> Build, and copy the exe file, and I use it in a PC without QT SDK / Visual C++, I got a message error regarding missing library.

    You can find source here

    If you can help me to compile and to add the function that I posted I say thank you.

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    There is nothing wrong. You just need to make a deployment folder and it works.

    "Visual Studio 2013 32-bit and 64-bit OpenGL compilers:"

    You might also need the Visual C++ 2014 (32bit) on some windows as it might be older the version

    There is also a tool to help

    • How can detect what are the library to include and how to include them?

    I assume you didn't already build a deployment folder?

  • @mrjj

    Could you help me with other changes requested?
    How to implemnet win the window caption 8window title)

    • the evrsion of the program
    • Local system value


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    @bovirus Use to change window title, you can set what ever you want as window title:

    ui->mainWindow->setWindowTitle("MyApp 1.0.0");

    What is "Local system value"?

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    I think it might be
    QString defaultLocale = QLocale::system().name(); // e.g. "de_DE"

    Taken from

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