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lambda expression capture

  • Hi,

    is there a way to do this??

    connect(this, &MainWindow::loadFile, [viewer](QString value) {viewer->m_dataEngine->loadFile(value); });

    I'm in the MainWindow class and want to connect the loadFile signal from MainWindow with the loadFile function from GeometryEngine that is member of viewer.

    I thought i could make a lambda expression in viewer, but viewer does not hold an instance of MainWindow. So i hoped that there is a way to make it from MainWindow.

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    The clean way here would be to add a slot to your viewer class that will call whatever needed. The internals of that viewer class is of no concern to MainWindow.

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    @QT-static-prgm Did you try it?
    If viewer is a member variable of MainWindow you can do it like this:

    connect(this, &MainWindow::loadFile, [this](QString value) {viewer->m_dataEngine->loadFile(value); });

    But as @SGaist said it would be better to implement a slot in Viewer.
    MainWindow should not care/know about Viewer internals like m_dataEngine.

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