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polyline in opencv

  • how to draw polyline?
    actually poly function contain (&Mat,Pts,npts etc...)

    how to set pts and npts values?
    i tried but error:cv mat to cv arr
    and then i don't know about the these arguments
    finally i got pixel position in image but how to connect and draw polyline?
    here i have attached example code but i can't understand
    and idon,t know about how to set arguments in list

    example code::
    void polylines(cv::Mat& img, const std::list<std::listcv::Point2i>& polylines)
    for (auto& polyline : polylines)
    auto current = polyline.begin();
    auto next = std::next(current, 1);
    for (; next != polyline.end(); current++, next++)
    cv::line(img, *current, *next, cv::Scalar(255));


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    @Rameshguru Why do you ask OpenCV questions in a Qt forum?
    It would make more sense to ask in an OpenCV forum/mailing list.

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