how to continously read data

  • actually i want to draw polyline example code is ther but how to data ia apply in list and how to call this polyline fucnction.

    void polylines(cv::Mat& img, const std::list<std::listcv::Point2i>& polylines)
    for (auto& polyline : polylines)
    auto current = polyline.begin();
    auto next = std::next(current, 1);
    for (; next != polyline.end(); current++, next++)
    cv::line(img, *current, *next, cv::Scalar(255));

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    From the looks of it, this has nothing to do with Qt. You should ask that on the OpenCV forum.

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    Try this

    The trick being

    const cv::Point *pts = (const cv::Point*) Mat(contour).data; // convert from vector to plain c array
    int npts = Mat(contour).rows;
    	polylines(img, &pts,&npts, 1,
    	    		true, 			// draw closed contour (i.e. joint end to start) 
    	            Scalar(0,255,0),// colour RGB ordering (here = green) 
    	    		3, 		        // line thickness
    			    CV_AA, 0);

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