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Re: Qt Version

  • Hi all

    I have a doubt regarding the Qt version, initially i installed Qt 5.7.0 and after that i installed Qt 5.6.0 (for andriod ver). but when i launch Qt creator by default it will launch Qt creator for Qt 5.6.0 and i am not able to run the code developed using Qt 5.7.0 .
    to run the Qt creator for 5.7.0 i have to go the tools folder of 5.7.0 and launch the creator.
    What is the problem, can anyone guide me ? Is there any other way for this ?

  • Hi Naveen,
    Qt creator and Qt versions (5.6 or 5.7) are different.
    Qt creator is IDE .
    Qt 5.6 or 5.7 are kits for different environment.
    Single Qt creator can be used to setup multiple kits.
    If two versions of Qt are installed then Qt creator shows both Kits setup while creating New Project.

  • @yuvaram
    by default it shows only 5.6.0 while configuring any project in the creator, do i need to manually setup kit for 5.7.0 ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Naveen_D If there is no Kit for 5.7.0 then you need to add it manually.

  • @jsulm Ok thanks.

  • @Naveen_D
    If you download the Qt installer and run it, it installs what you have selected in one place, for example C:/Qt/. It has subdirs for each major Qt version you have selected to be installed, for example 5.6/ and 5.7/. But it has only one QtCreator, the latest one. So you probably dowloaded the Qt installer twice and installed the two versions independent from each other. Therefore the Creator was installed twice. If you haven't done modifications to your Qt installations you can, if you want to, uninstall them, download the latest installer and install both versions again at once. Then you will have only one QtCreator (the latest one which should be usable for all Qt versions). If you want to install something new later, run the Maintenance Tool and select parts there. The Maintenance Tool is used also to update old parts.

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