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MSVC2015 much faster than mingw32?

  • I am using Qt under Linux since many years. This weak I also started using it under Windows. I first tried it with the default compiler mingw32, then added MSVC2015. I noticed that the MS compiler builds my program 10x faster than the mingw compiler. Is that normal?

    Is it also normal that the MS compiler generates a much smaller exe file in Debug mode (in my case 600kb versus 15MB)?

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    @s.frings74 10x faster? This is strange. GCC is not the fastest compiler but it should not be 10x slower than VC++.
    Regarding the debug build size: as far as I know Microsoft compiler does not put the debug information into the binary but in some other files (check the build directory). That's why the binaries are smaller.

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    make sure to add a build step in Projects.
    and add -j 4 or something like that to make it use more cores.
    Also VS2015 compiles in the background so that way it appears faster.

    But I agree. in the newer version of mingw , it does seems a bit slow(er)

  • Yupp, with option -j4 for mingw32-make.exe, the compilation is 4x faster than before. Still a bit slower than the MS compiler but i'm satisfied now.

  • @s.frings74

    VS might use advantage of pre-compiled headers. This can make a huge difference,

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