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Qt Creator issues

  • Hello Support team,

    We are looking at purchase the Qt licenses Wanted to understand if we could only purchase the Qt Creatore IDE.
    Currently we require Qt only for application level programming(c,c++).
    We are not into UI development. We need Qt creator/Qt as an IDE.
    To be specific we need a replacement for MVS(Microsoft visual studio)


  • @claysol
    In this forum you find help from other Qt developers, you should contact the Qt Company. That said, Qt Creator is already free. You can also use the Qt framework for free if you can accept the consequences of the LGPL licence. Otherwise check the Qt home page and compare the licencing options.

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    I don't think any license exist for Qt Creator Usage. You can directly use Qt Creator like any other editor along with available C++ compiler. I'm sure you are not distributing the QtCreator anyway. Enjoy the same.

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    @dheerendra @claysol QtCreator is available under GPLV2/GPLV3, see
    For commercial use that means you can use it for free as long as you do not modify its code. If you do you will need to release your QtCreator modifications to the public.
    Note: I'm not an lawyer! If you're not sure please ask Digia!

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    @jsulm You are right. I'm sure @Claysol does not modify Qt Creator & distribute. So they don't have to worry about licensing for just using the QtCreator in the development work.

  • @jsulm: We are "The Qt Company" for a while now;-)

    @claysol: You can get a Qt Creator-only license from our us. I think this option is targeted at companies wanting to publish their own proprietary product based on Qt Creator, so that might not be applicable to you.

    Creator is conceptually (it is used during development, but not shipped with the final product) and license-wise (GPLv3) pretty similar to GCC. So basically you should not have problems with Qt Creator's license if you are fine to use GCC during development. IANAL though. It never hurts to ask a lawyer about licensing issues (pretty much independent of the license involved).

    The commercial version has some extra plugins not available with the free version. Depending on your needs these might be worth having. E.g. the perf profiler sure is nice to have when targeting Linux systems!

    [edit: Fixed @ attribution SGaist]

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