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QtCreator and debugging return value of function

  • While debugging with QtCreator( 4.1.0, build with Qt 5.5.1 on Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) I can show the return value pane with Shift+F11. Return value is shown in "Locals and Expressions". But it is gone after leave of function. How do I pin this pane to keep it always visible?

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    @th.thielemann I don't think this is possible. Locals are local, when you leave the function there are no locals anymore and what would be the return value if you already left the function? Return values often depend on parameters and object states, so there is no way to determine the return value without actually calling the function. Or do you mean the last value returned by the function?

  • It is ok to clean the pane blank in case no return value is available. But it gets closed every time a function was leaved. And it did not reopen in case a return values is available. Good example: Expressions and Values pane gets updated every time the focus changed.

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