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How to compile Qt's MySQL driver for the iOS

  • I would like to know if anybody is able to compile the Qt's MySQL driver for the iOS? I see a howto here: http://qt.developpez.com/doc/4.7/sql-driver/

    But I heard the driver needs to be compiled statically for the iOS. Does anybody know how to do this?

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    AFAIK, there are no iOS MySQL client libraries. You may have luck building the MariaDB client libraries and use it to build Qt's MySQL plugin. However, if you plan to connect to such a database over internet, you should reconsider your design. Opening a database directly over internet is a very bad idea security wise.

    What is recommended is to implement a REST service that will provide what you need to communicate with your database. That way you'll also be independent of the technology you'll be using for the database.

  • Thanks for the information. But I don't understand why a database connection over the internet is insecure if you use SSL?

    Also would you have more instructions on how to build the MariaDB client libraries in order to build Qt's MySQL plugin?


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    That's one layer of security, yes. However, like I said before exposing databases over internet for ease of use is usually a bad idea.

    I don't have that at hand no, you should check with the MariaDB folks.

  • Ok thanks a lot!

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