Windows8 TabTip.exe -- how to open it correctly?

  • Hi all,

    As one of my programs is running on MS Surface with Win8 (or Win8.1, not sure :) ), I need to open the virtual keyboard when the user clicks into a text input field.

    My attempt with QProcess::start() seems to work pretty good, but on some (at least one out of about 200) test devices I get an error message:


    Thats the way I execute the tabtip.exe inside an eventFilter

    //keyboard is a QProcess *;
    keyboard->start("explorer.exe",QStringList() << "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\microsoft shared\\ink\\Tabtip.exe");

    Any ideas what happened there or what a referral means in this case and how to sove this?

    Thanks a lot ;)


    What I forgot to add: If the user uses any other (Microsoft) program, that opens the virtual keyboard, the error message does NOT pop up

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    @the_ I don't know how to open the virtual keyboard on Windows, but the way you do it is for sure not correct.
    You should use Windows API for that instead of starting a process.

  • @jsulm Thanks I will look for an api to do so. Will keep you up to date

  • Searching on StackOverlow brings me to this answer:

    The C code can be used with LIBS += -lole32 in the pro file

    It works on my test device, but i am not sure if it also does with the others... so still experimental...

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