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Qt creator errors highlights

  • Not even sure how to name it. It happened after updates 1 month ago about.
    Now Qt Creator IDE marks things like

    #include <memory>

    as "Error, file not found". Completion works bad too.

    So question is what and where to fix ? I work on the same project more than a year, everything is git versioned, but system update did that (arch-linux).

    Compiler works ok, so it's only IDE problem.

  • Is your project makefile based? Or do you use a pro file?

  • pro/pri files

    Also I started some new project since that (pro/pri) and it has same issue - all system includes not found.

    P.S. Forum forces me to delay in posts as new user for 300s :(

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    @alexzk said in Qt creator errors highlights:

    P.S. Forum forces me to delay in posts as new user for 300s :(

    Yes its for spam protection. :)

  • Unexpected.
    Today my patience went off with KDE-5 (because it starts to swap something when I play MMOs - guess some leaks), I completely wiped it and installed lxqt.
    Now that subj bug with highlights went away. It is just working as expected. Also "ClangCodeModel" plugin works as expected.

    Conclusion - KDE5 is trash.

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    @alexzk To be honest: I have no idea how KDE is related to QtCreator issues. It was most probably something else.

  • Possibly, i deleted all configs of kde. Actually I deleted all configs prior 2015 as well I had there (but I kept something named QtProject). Cleared 3-4 gigs.
    But bug happened when I updated from kde4/5 running mix to full kde5 because some tray applets were broken. After this creator went wrong. Now, when kde removed, it's ok again.

  • @alexzk said in Qt creator errors highlights:

    KDE5 is trash.

    Probably you chose the wrong place to flame at KDE, btw it looks like the update installed a new version of gcc and Qt Creator did not find the includes in the old place. Probably just a change in the environment of the kit would have been enough to fix the problem

  • @VRonin No, Gcc was working ok, everything was ok (even CLion) except qt-creator gui.

    Any way, problem is fixed by removing KDE. Can close thread.

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