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Qt SQLite plugin building / Case-insensitive matching of Unicode characters in SQLite

  • Hi,
    I need my SQLite database to sort my data with keeping the national characters in mind (polish letters).
    Right now, when I use ORDER BY, the db sorts the letters provided by ASCII table of signs and adds the words starting with polish letters like Ą, Ż, Ś, Ć at the end of the query list.
    I've done some reading, and I found that combining SQLite with an ICU plugin does the trick.
    Alternatively I can compile the Qt SQLite plugin like mentioned here :
    QT SQlite and ICU .
    So I would like to folow the instruction on, but on is written, that I should have the plugin somewhere in "$QTDIR/qtbase/src/plugins/sqldrivers/sqlite".
    I have sources for Qt 5.6.2 and Qt 5.7.1 but there is no folder called "plugins' there.
    Did I misunderstood something, or is the info outdated?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It sounds right.
    On my system ( mingw)
    its in
    There is the file.

  • Thank You very much!

    I've looked in the first src folder and used windows 'search', but did not look in the qtbase dir.
    The path on is correct.
    My mistake.

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    Well knowing windows searching, i always cheat and use
    On NTFS drives, it will find anything really fast and takes wildcards.
    Its only for filenames but on the other hand, it finds a file in secs even on a 4 TB drive. :)