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Creating Application for MP Server

  • Hi,

    I'm new to Qt Programming.
    I wish to create an application for using in a Classroom where we uses MP Servers with thin clients.
    There is one Windows 2008 Server for the teacher and there are three Multi Point Servers with thin clients for students.
    MPS's are connected to Windows 2008 Server.

    The teacher ( me ) deal out ( allocates ) one file or one directory per student from Windows 2008 Server to thin clients, when the Lesson start, and gather in files or directories from students when Lesson end. Students work with allocated files meanwhile.
    Teacher has a batch file which he uses for this purpose. Batch file contain commands that does copy files or folders to students, or move files or directories from students to teacher.

    The problem is following. Sometimes a students must change it's seat ( thin client ) so the teacher must change the batch file.

    I believe my application will ease this task for teachers.

    So here are now few images on which one can see how I imagine UI of my application.
    I imagine the teacher can drag graphical objects in main window. Teacher can arrange graphical objects by dragging them with mouse. When teacher finished the arrangement, the main window of application represents the position of students in classroom.
    Now teacher select from combo box on Thin Client object the appropriate MP Server number ( 1,2 or 3 ), the username ( user1, user2, ..., user25 ) and finally the name of the student that sit at that Thin Client.
    When teacher is done with all the students, then can save the positions of thin clients in classroom. Say that that teacher save it under name of that Class, eg. 7.a .
    Teacher can this file uses in the future too.
    Now teacher browse for the file which want to allocates to the students. Teacher choose whether it to be file or directory.
    When the selection is ready, teacher can deal out this file for every student. When on the next class students must to work on this file again, teacher can deal out for every students his own file so every student can continue his work on it.

    The images follows.
    one possible arrange of thin clients

    another possible arrange of thin clients

    Control for teacher when want gather in files from students

    Control for teacher when want deal out directory for students

    Thin Client when is set up for MPS02, User25 and for student which has name FirstnameLastname1.

    Control for teacher when is clicked Combo Box to select whether to deal out or gather in

    Thin Client when teacher clicked Combo Box to select the appropriate student at a thin client

    Thin Client when teacher clicked Combo Box to select the appropriate MPS for a thin client

    Control for teacher when is clicked Combo Box to select whether to deal out File or Directory

    Thin Client when teacher clicked Combo Box to select the appropriate User at a thin client

    Can this application create with Qt Creator?
    If yes, then which widget can be used for dragging around Thin Client objects on main window, but so so these objects can contains Combo Boxes?

    Best, from Pali

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    From a quick look at your description, you'll have to do some coding as well.

    If you would like to go with the QWidget way, then you might rather want to use the Graphics View Framework to model your class rooms.

    Where are you getting the configuration data like MPServer number, username and student name ?

    Also, it might be easier to have these data in separate lists e.g. QListView and drag & drop them on their class place rather than having to handle that through QComboBox.

    Hope it helps

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  • @SGaist I am getting the configuration data like MPServer number in the Classroom it self.
    The situation is that, that our school has three buildings in which we have Classroom with Multi Point Servers.
    Each such Classroom has different arrangement of MPS's, Thin Clients, its positions in the classroom.
    Teacher can see at Thin Client's monitor which MPS is used out there. Teacher can collect these data and write down on a paper for later use, say for use in my application, or in the batch file.

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    Super good with pictures.

    I would have a look at

    It could be shaped into the Class Room Builder app and most of the code is already there.

    For the selector widgets types
    alt text

    I would just have them outside the actual class room view
    as it is easier than embedding as graphical item
    in the Graphics View Framework but BOTH is very possible and easy.

  • @mrjj I shall follow your advice. I just downloaded the and opened it. I'm new to Qt Creator too. How can I use this diagramscene example for my new Class Room Builder project? In Qt Creator there is no such thing that one can save one project under other name, right? Must I import files from the diagramscene example project? If yes, how can I do that?

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    First of all its (should be) directly available in Creator.
    In the Welcome screen there is "Examples" ( right side, under "Projects")
    Should already be in there.

    I would then copy whole folder to new location and rename it for project.
    Also rename the .pro file. ( with Creator closed)

    Then its CRB :)

    To know where the project is. Open it from Examples and then right click any file in project and choose Show in Explorer

  • @mrjj I did as you advices me. I have now the ClassRoomWithMPservers project, which contains every files and directories from the Diagramscene example project. I rename also the .pro file. When opened the new ClassRoomWithMPservers project in Qt Creator, there were created automatically the file too out there and there remain the file also. I think that that the letter can be removed, right?

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    @Pali said in Creating Application for MP Server:

    the .user file can always be removed. The only exception is custom make steps as it seems
    to be stored there. Its a file Creator use for the handling/settings of the project. so the old can surely be removed.

  • So I can start to modify header and .cpp files and images, right?
    Because I'm new to Qt I shall use F1 context help to study Q Classes when in an opened header or cpp file within Qt Creator. Where to start?

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    I'd start by looking at the general documentation of the Graphics View Framework to get a good grasp at what you can code with it.

    You should also take the time to do some design in order have a good base plan to write your application. Rushing the implementation isn't a good thing to do.

  • @SGaist I am just qurious how do you do some design: maybe with an application such as Dia?
    Otherwise I find the Graphics View Framework documentation for Qt 5.7. Thanks!!

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    Usually I start with the good old paper and pencil.

    What kind of tools are you looking for ?

  • @SGaist I'm looking not for any tool yet.
    As you can see, I used in this project first the Inkscape to create images of Controls ( for my future application ClassRoomWithMPservers ) just to see how they look.
    Now I shall do first study the Graphics View Framework documentation. Then I shall maybe use Inkscape, or even Dia to visually present the application: it's GUI and maybe the Objects of Class in the application. I know for UML diagramm a little.

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    If you are into UML, i can highly recommend
    It can generate c++ from the class diagrams. ( free download)

  • @mrjj I started this topic because I did not know how to start this project. You and @SGaist advices me and gives to me the right direction where I can go. So I can now start my project. Thank you both!! I think it is now time to close this topic.

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