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memory performance problems

  • Hi,

    i'm working on an viewer for 3D files. But i have a memory performance problem.
    As you can see on the image i run the VS diagnostic tool. Between the single states i opend different files. Before state 6 i just opened a very big file. But after i opened a smaller one (i already had opened before) the memory usage does not go back.
    I cannot find any custom data i allocated by myself (as i did previous on a different project without using qt) so i don't know how to find out where i forgot to release the memory. When i run the program and close it even before i opened a single file there is a lot of memory left. Everything about Qt5Cored,...
    So i wonder if i did something wrong, or is qt that inefficiently?

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  • On windows that diagnostic is painful and I never managed to run something satisfying. On linux there is Valgrind

    The "nuclear bomb" solution is:

    • explicitly declare all destructors and declare them virtual
    • make sure every time you create a QObject with new you supply a parent
    • do what the nutjobs in the C++ ISO committee are trying to convince us to do: convert any pointer that is responsible for lifeclycle management (other than those handled by Qt's parent-child so the QObjects) to a smart pointer (either the C++11 or Qt way)

  • Seams to be Qt specific problem
    Every memory state is one break point.

    Any ideas??

  • I would rule out memory leaks in any of the seasoned classes of Qt until I could not find any other explanation.

    I think the increase in memory here is just due to the dll load but I'm not technically proficient enough to tell for sure. conjuring the real brains here: @Moderators any insight?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Qt allocate some stuff at startup to work properly hence the related memory consumption.

    Also, you have to take into account that the OS doesn't necessarily return freed memory immediately.

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