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How to link to offline Qt Documentation with QDoc

  • Following the manual to QDoc I have successfully created a Qt-style documentation for my project including the compressed *.qch file and correct stylesheet. I use Qt Creator context help a lot so it would be great if I could link to Qt classes from my documentation. According to the manual I need to specify in my *.qdocconf:

    indexes =  /path/to/qt.index

    First of all qt.index no longer exists in Qt 5 and one has to link individual modules as far as I know. Additionally the links generated are to the online help as is specified in the *.index files shipped with Qt.

    Do I have to build offline documentation myself and link with that? Or is there another way to link directly to Qt Creator documentation? That is unfortunately already packaged so no *.index file to use there.

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    Why not just add your documentation like shown here ?

  • Well I do but it does not link with the Qt classes. For example if I use QString as parameter or return value it will not generate a link to the QString docs. The way to do it is with that indexes directive in *.qdocconf but that generates online links only so when I click on them in Qt Creator help it opens browser instead of going to the documentation Qt Creator has already (and packaged to *.qch).

    So I would like to include index that would specify local (or Qt Creator specific?) URL as base for the links (as the docs shipped with Qt specifies online URL). The only way I can achieve that I know of is to build the docs myself and manually change the files to reference the offline docs - but I am not even sure what url Qt Creator internally uses when it packaged its version of the docs.

    Perhaps I could change the indexes only to use correct URL and that could be done programatically as well but again, what url to put there instead so that Qt Creator would recognize it?

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    Did you set the depends variable ?

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