A way to avoid boilerplate code for defining QObject properties in C++ (to be accessible from QML)?

  • The Qt docs contain this example:

    class Message : public QObject
        Q_PROPERTY(QString author READ author WRITE setAuthor NOTIFY authorChanged)
        void setAuthor(const QString &a) {
            if (a != m_author) {
                m_author = a;
                emit authorChanged();
        QString author() const {
            return m_author;
        void authorChanged();
        QString m_author;

    Is there a way to avoid writing all this boilerplate code just to define a QML-interoperable property? For example, since this code is calling the Q_PROPERTY macro anyway, can't this macro do the dirty work for me and define all the rest automatically?

    Note: I've found a nice-looking set of macros here but it's not an official part of Qt, so I'm not sure if it's free of gotchas.

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    Take a look at the MEMBER element of the Q_PROPERTY declaration here.

    It likely does what you want.

    Hope it helps

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