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undefined reference to `function_name'

  • I am trying to make my project to work with FFMPEG build from sources. I have several builds in some locations on machine.
    I include paths for libs /usr/local/include/ but for some reason it looks in
    /home/ilia/ffmpeg_sources/ffmpeg/libavcodec/libtheoraenc.c:175: error: undefined reference to ``th_info_init'
    Where wrong paths can be written in System (ubuntu 14.04 - x64)?
    .pro screen
    .cpp screen

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    @Kofr If you know the exact library try adding it from QtCreator as per this.
    Or you can try adding environment variable "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" with new path in Build Environment.

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    If you are are using ffmpeg, why are you including vorbis in your main.cpp ?

    Also, why link to all the dependencies of ffmpeg ?

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