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Newbie question

  • I have not used Qt Creator for a couple of years and I am now relearning it by running some of the examples in the SerialPort folder. No problem with running them but I now want to use them as the basis for writing some apps by modifying the UI and adding some features. However, most of these examples have no .ui file in the folder which means I can't use the design mode to change anything. There probably is a simple answer to this. Can anybody tell me what it is?

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    Well, the simple answer is: there's no need to use Designer systematically to build a UI.

    Some of the examples are command line only, others provide a simple dialog completely built through C++ and only the terminal example uses a Designer based UI.

  • Thanks for your help. The answer was simple. In retrospect I probably should have been able to figure it out for myself.

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