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Running Symbian^3 code in Symbian^1

  • Is it necessary that build made for Symbian^3 wont run on Symbian^1

    sorry, modified...

    my question is that why Symbian^3 build wont run On Symbain^1 devices???

  • and? Where is the question or problem again? Can you be more detailed in your posts?

  • should have been more specific as Denis suggested.

    You also might need to know the differences between Symbian^1 and Symbian^3. More features for Symbian^3 (graphic acceleration powered by GPU, single tap etc):

    Symbian^1, being the first release, forms the basis for the platform. It incorporates Symbian OS and S60 5th Edition (which is built on Symbian OS 9.4) and thus it was not made available in open source.[18]

    Symbian^3 was designed to be a more ‘next generation’ smartphone platform. The Symbian^3 release introduced new features like a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture, UI improvements, and support for external displays via HDMI.[It has single tap menus and up to three customizable homescreens.

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