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Qt 5.7.1 and Android

  • I have create an Android App which uses Qt5.7.0 and I have switched to Qt5.7.1.

    I have always tested my App in Debug and deployed with Bundle Qt libraries in APK, which is fine in development mode.
    After that, I have build an release version, also with Bundle Qt libraries in APK as deployment strategy.
    All works also.

    Now, the App must be deployed to customers, this APK is about 20MB, so I have choose to switch to Ministro service to download once the Qt stuff and only have to deploy a smaller APK with only the developed stuff (about 1.5MB APK).

    But nothing works!
    First, the native functions registration with JNI_OnLoad() didn't work!
    this works fine when Qt libs in APK!
    I have removed all native functions calls in Java code.

    But then the application try to starts requests Minitros and I've got an error message which tells me that Ministro have to be installed but this is already the case.
    This was the first thing I've done. I have installed Ministro v10.05.

    This is a very time consuming issue...
    I don't understand whats happening.
    It is not really give me trust in the Qt Android deployment strategies.
    Do they really work?

    Why are the native functions registration fails when using Ministro as deployment strategy?
    Is there a way to put all Qt stuff on devices and made it accessible to every App?
    Is there a way to install a full APK and then just put "upgrade APK" which only includes the all non Qt stuff?

    My Android version is 5.1 (Lollipop)

    Thanks for any help

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