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Video playback on dynamically populated list of video widgets

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to sort out a crash issue I've been having.
    I'm populating a QScrollArea with dynamically generated widgets that all have their own QVideoWidget.
    The idea is that when you're hovering over one of the widgets with your cursor, the thumbnail video will play. This seems to work to a certain degree for a while and then crashes with
    an 'interrupted by signal 11: SIGSEGV' error.

    My thought was that since only one video will play at any given time, I would create a single QMediaPlayer object and bind a widget's QVideoPlayer object to that. I would then unbind and rebind as one hovers over the next widget.

    I can only guess why I get this error. I figured it was because I was trying to rebind another QvideoWidget without successfully unbinding or somehow severing the connection to the last one the QMediaPlayer was set to.

    I'm not terribly familiar with the inner workings of video playback with PyQt so if anyone out there has had some experience I would appreciate hearing from you.


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    You should show the code you are using as well as the backtrace of the crash otherwise it's pretty much Crystal Ball debugging.

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