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QMenu in dialog like the one in Mainwindow

  • Menu in dialog like the one in Mainwindow

    Hello, i'm trying to implement a Mainwindow like menu in one of my Dialogs.
    Till now i have produced this code

    QAction *menuAction;
    QMenuBar *menuBar = new QMenuBar(this);
    QMenu *menu = menuBar->addMenu("Utility");
    menuAction = menu->addAction("PDF");
    connect(menuAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), this , SLOT(pdf_triggered()));
    menuAction = menu->addAction("Print");
    connect(menuAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), this , SLOT(print_triggered()));

    This is the result:
    alt text

    As you can see i have been able to insert "PDF" and "Print" options under "Utility" but i would like to create a clickable image+label like i have created in the mainWindow.

    Something like this:
    alt text

    Is it possible? Can someone tell me what functions i have to use or point me to an example?
    Thanks for the answers and time

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Bruschetta Do you mean you want a tool-bar in your dialog?

  • @jsulm

    Yes, this is the goal i'm trying to achieve

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

  • @Bruschetta Hi, friend, welcome.
    There is QToolBar Application Example.

  • Thak you guys but i already have a QToolbar in my mainwindow and for what i undestood inserting a Qtoolbar into a dialog is not possilbe.
    Infact there is no "addToolBar()" method, method that is present in the main window.

  • I found how to do what i wanted to do.
    Here some code for the ones who may have the same "problem"

    //into the Dialog
    QMainWindow * mainWindow = new QMainWindow(); 
    QToolBar * myToolBar = new QToolBar();
    myToolBar->setIconSize( QSize( 32, 32 ) );
    myToolBar->setToolButtonStyle( Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon );
    QPixmap newpix = QPixmap (":/x.png");
    myToolBar->addAction(QIcon(newpix), "bla");
    QHBoxLayout * layout = new QHBoxLayout();

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