QMediaContent and binary encoded videos

  • Hi,

    I'm grabbing a binary encoded video from a database that I want to play through pyqt5's media player. All of this is in Python:
    The process is:
    encode mp4 to binary using pickle
    store on database
    decode with pickle and store as a variable
    pass that variable to setMedia(QUrl.fromlocalfile(unpickled_video))
    But that's about as far as it gets.

    I've also tried QUrl.fromEncoded() with no luck. I'm really not certain how to pass a video to setMedia that doesn't have an explicit path.
    Is there any known way of passing a binary video file saved in memory to QMediaContent?


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    Not that I remember, however you can create a temporary file where you dump the video and then play it.

    Hope it helps

  • That's my last resort. Ideally I'd like to keep any temp files off the hard drive so it doesn't slow everything down.

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    Then depending on your OS you could make use of a ramdisk.

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