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Memory usage while printing

  • Hi,

    I develop a drawing sofware, so I would like to print.
    I print tiles wich forms the entire image.
    for each tile of my entire image
    draw piece of image

    I call painter.drawImage it works fine but it use lot of memory.
    If I dont call painter.drawImage and only store QImages i produce,
    I have no "memory leak" so what 's the alternative ?

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    What are you asking ?
    If there is another way to draw image?
    painter.drawImage should not cause mem leaks..
    Are you sure its not something else?

  • Sorry for my very bad english.
    I mean if call painter.drawImage in my loop, a lot of memory is used like 2Go for example.

    for(OdInt32 u = 0; u < iHorizontalTileCount; u++)
            OdInt32 printerY = iVStep == 1 ? 0 : uiHeight;
            for(OdInt32 v = 0;  v < iVerticalTileCount; v++)
                OdUInt32 uiCurrentTileWidth = odmin(uiTileWidth, uiWidth - (uiTileWidth * u));
                OdUInt32 uiCurrentTileHeight = odmin(uiTileHeight, uiHeight - (uiTileHeight * v));
                OdInt32 tileX = u * uiTileWidth;
                OdInt32 tileY = v * uiTileHeight;
                OdGsDCRect tileRect(tileX, tileX + uiCurrentTileWidth, tileY, tileY + uiCurrentTileHeight);
                OdGsDCRect snapShotRegion =  regenTile(viewportSize, tileRect);
    //render image
                OdGiRasterImagePtr pImage;
                m_pTeighaPrinter->getSnapShot(pImage, snapShotRegion);
                width = pImage->pixelWidth();
                height = pImage->pixelHeight();
                const OdUInt8* pData = pImage->scanLines();
    // create image
                QImage qtImg((const uchar *) pData, width, height, fmt);
    // paint
                painter.drawImage(iHStep == 1 ? printerX : (printerX - width),
                                   iVStep == 1 ? printerY : (printerY - height),
                                  qtImg,0, 0, width, height);
                printerY += iVStep * height;
                    bRestored = true;
                // progression
                emit sg_progress(iProgress);
            printerX += iHStep * width;

    If I remove line painter.drawImage and store image on list, the memory is not growing.
    I would not pretend that's a memory leak but my problem is like a memory leak.

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    You can try to new it so u can delete it after
    drawing. Not sure why painter.drawImage should change anything.

    QImage  *qtImg=new QImage ((const uchar *) pData, width, height, fmt);
                painter.drawImage(iHStep == 1 ? printerX : (printerX - width) xxx
    delete qtImg;

    Also the pData use to create the Image, its deleted else where ? ( or dont need deletion)

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    How many images are you painting ? Which size are they ?

  • this size is fixed for the printing.
    I make 1000 * 1000 by default
    The number of images depends on the size of paper and the DPI

  • My goal is to be able to print on plotter (sorry google translate)
    Printing on paper with large size (ex 1040mm * 3800mm)

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    So basically you are drawing several tiles that are about 4MB each ?

  • I made a try:
    store all QImages in list intead of calling drawImage and the memory usage is completely different.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It's not the same use case

  • I compared my code with a MFC code. And the memory usage is totally different.
    I will try another way:
    Is it possible to print with vectorized data, i mean using HPGL to print my plan.
    My goal is to be able to print dwg plan with scale 1:1.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I would see if you could reuse the dwg reading code from
    That would allow true vector output.

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