How transmit gestures through transparent QMainWindow part to underlaying activities?

  • In Android all gestures are caught by QMainWindow if application runs. I have part of QMainWindow transparent - other non-transparent part holds QGraphicsView with some widgets. QGraphicsView can be changed by intercepted pich gesture. Through other part of QMainWindow I can see other Android and application activities. But QMainWindow doesn't allow translate gestures to them. They are just "pictures". What I have to do to allow gestures transmit to other activities visible through transparent QMainWindow part?

    I tried:

    1. Use of mainwindow.setAttribute( Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground ) with mainwindow.setAttribute( Qt::WA_TransparentForMouseEvents ). This does not change anything.
    2. Scale mainwindow.resize(mainwindow.ui->graphicsView->size()). With this Android does not refresh desktop outside main window after scale. And Android still does not receive gestures outside main window. Only gestures over main window are accepted, others are ignored.

    How can I tell main window or Qt application to translate all gestures and taps if they are made on transparent QMainWindow part? May be something must be added/tuned in AndroidMainfest.xml?

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