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More than one material in one mesh ?

  • Greetings everyone!

    I have a question about Qt3D.

    Is there a way to use .mtl file for .obj file ?
    Or can somebody share the experience of succesfull .3ds file import ? ( as far as i understand, many materials can be in one mesh single .3ds file)

    The idea is to have a single 3d model with different materials, without necessity of breaking the model for many obj.

    The example of desired code for obj:

    MeshExample {
        material_id1: MyMaterial { diffuseColor: Qt.rgba(r, g, b, a) }
        material_id2: MyMaterial {diffuseColor: Qt.rgba(r, g, b, a) }

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question kinda entry level.

  • Did anyone faced similar problems?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt3D being pretty young, I'd recommend asking this question to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt3D's developers/maintainers.

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