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ReadyRead synchronous issue

  • Hi,Guys

    I have an problem in implementing a udp socket buffer behavior in QT,
    anyone can help me?

    The details:I want to create a buffer to hold coming data,the "ReadyRead" slot is responsible for recieving.
    After i recieve the packet,i want to play the packet which is in audio format.
    The playing part is also implemented inside "ReadyRead" function.
    The thing is when I play the packet,the "ReadyRead" blocked,did not recieve packet anymore,
    which will cause the packet recieving delay.

    how can make the recieving and playing synchronous?


  • Hi,
    you should consider to source out the "playing" (or the reading) into a different thread, so "reading" and "playing" can happen "simultaneously". Well reading will in fact always be some time ahead. Keep in mind how Youtube does and shows it in co-operation with your browser with the gray and red part of the progress bar.
    I would call this pattern where one part does not wait on another to finish "asynchronous", though.

  • Moderators

    If you do a lengthy operation in the slot the events are waiting in a queue and nothing else is happening with your program. You need to use threads. Either put the UDP communication in a separate thread or the playback in a separate thread.

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