Project not generating executable

  • Hello,

    I have a project with several libraries and executables that work fine under windows.

    However, when I try to use it under Linux (Fedora) only the libraries are built. Is there a Linux specific configuration to build the executable when I build the global project?

    I can manually build the subproject containing the executable.

    Furthermore, the executable built are not detected by Qtcreator => I cant use the run/debug

  • Are you using qmake for this? If so, please show us your project file.

  • Ok, im stupid. Two days I have this issue, I ask here, and in the next 10 minutes I find a hidden


    that was causing my problem.

    Sorry for the trouble

    (But I dont find how to mark my problem solved)

  • Hehe, I know how that feels. Good that you could solve it :-)

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    Use the "Topic Tools" button and first click on Ask as a question then click the button again and you can mark it as solved.

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