Another zero as null pointer constant error

  • I successfully generated the appropriate make files to build a static version of QT5.7 from using the gcc g++ C++11 compiler and windows 7.
    However, while running ming32-make, one of the make files would terminate early because gcc would generate a zero as null pointer constant warning from one of the header files, which would then cause g++ to exit because the make file compiled it with the -Werror option, which generates an error on any warning.
    I traced the problem to one of the .conf files qmake used to build the make files. The .conf loads qtbase\mkspecs\features\qt_module.prf, which in turn loads qt_module_header.prf
    At line 198, I commented out hcleanFLAGS += -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant.
    Once I did this, I was able to successfully make the static version of Qt5.7

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    Did you run the whole process with default settings otherwise?
    If you did I am wondering, why you are runinng into this problem. Did you check the forum for similar reports with Qt5.7.0? You can also check on JIRA, if this is a known problem/bug.
    I ahve not compiled Qt for myself for a while. Is the -Werror set as standard?
    In the past there were always numerous warnings without real effect on usability. However, setting the -Werror flag would have caused for sure a stop in the make process.

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    I believe -Werror is enforced only for dev builds, could you provide the commands you issued to build Qt?

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